Are you looking to bring over your skills and passion to our company?

The healthcare world around us is changing very fast.  We understand that the need for freedom and mental health as a health care professional is paramount now more than ever.  

We offer complete flexibility and freedom to choose your own schedule and fee that you would like to charge.  There is no sign up fee either.

We want to harbour your passion and expertise and give you the platform on which to grow.  The more qualifications and offerings you have, the more chance of booking up more time with patients.  

We will not impose any restrictions on you. 

All practitioners are required to follow all Public Health requirement for a safe patient practitioner interaction.  

We do have a zero tolerance policy for discussing Covid, political and religious conversations with patients.  All practitioners must treat all patients for the reasons that they have requested health care, no matter if they are vaccinated or not and no matter what life and health choices that have previously made.

In order to work with us, you must hold a valid license with the appropriate governing body in your province, as well as have liability insurance with them.

How it works

You will send us your resume which outlines all your experience and qualifications.  

You will tell us what your expertise are, and what you are able to offer to patients.  Remember the more qualifications you have, the more opportunity there is for work.

You must hold a license with the appropriate college or association to which you are applying for (for example: if you are a nurse you would hold a license with the College of nurses in your province). 

You must have personal liability insurance (typically given by the college of association to which you belong). 

Your license must be in good standing with the associated college to which you belong.

Your personal medical information will not be a term of employment.

You can be located anywhere in Canada, as most of what we offer is available via Telehealth (virtual).

You will be bound and held to the standards and requirements of the college to which you belong to, as well as Public Health rules and regulations.

We are actively recruiting people in all facets of the healthcare industry for both virtual and in person services.

If you feel that you would fit in our healthcare community, please send us an email with your resume to