Covid Policy

 Your medical information will be kept private between you and your practitioner.  By booking an appointment with our practitioners and healthcare workers, you agree to all our rules and regulations.  Our healthcare workers follow all Public Health measures that are in place, which include masking and regular handwashing and sanitizing.  By hiring any of our healthcare workers you understand and agree to that they may not be vaccinated with a  Covid-19 dose.  We believe in freedom of choice.  We will not deny service or healthcare to any person unless they abuse one of our healthcare workers. 

We respect everyone’s choice in healthcare, and choices in medical care.  We will respect your choice and do our very best to give you the best care possible without any judgement.

All practitioners will be required to wear a mask or face shield when they are with a patient.

All practitioners are required to wash their hands thoroughly and frequently when they are with a patient.


All information discussed will remain strictly confidential except in rare circumstances where decreed by law. Confidentiality must be breeched, by law, under the following circumstances:  

1. Inform a potential victim of violence or legal authorities of the client’s intention to inflict harm 2. Inform an appropriate healthcare staff or legal authorities of a client’s intention to end his/her life 

3. Release a client’s file if it is mandated to do so by a court of law 

4. Inform the Children’s Aid Society or legal authorities if a client is being abused or is at risk of abuse, or if a client is placing a child at risk for abuse 

5. Report a health professional who has abused a client or patient.


Your privacy and medical information is of the utmost importance to us. We will not share your private information be it medical or billing or contact information with any other company or person that you have not agreed to share your information with in our company. We will not sell your personal information or contact information to anyone.  Our online booking site has robust security and encryption controls in place to protect patient data that complies with Canada’s PIPEDA Privacy Laws, in addition to Standard Codes of Practice.  

Telehealth Security Controls:  

1. Exclusive Peer to Peer connections  The connection is opened up directly between the patient and the practitioner. The data from the video conference is not routed through servers.  

2. End-toEnd Encryption  All data in transit is encrypted using 256-bit encryption–the same that banks use. This ensures that the connection between the practitioner and the patient is secure.  3. No recording or data storage  This allows the communication to be done exclusively between the practitioner and patient.