Mediating you into the next chapter of your family life

Court costs and legal fees can add up very quickly. Book a complimentary 20 minute consultation to see if mediation is right for you.

As mediators

you are hiring our team to help you resolve and come to an amicable resolution so your family can heal.
Your children's safety and mental health should always be the reason to work out your differences.


YouR Family Mediators is a collaboration of Yehuda Goldberg and Rachel Danzinger. Both are trained in family mediation from Riverdale Mediation in Toronto Canada.
With over 10 years experience, each in mediation and dispute resolution, Yehuda and Rachel offer a unique perspective and angle when mediating and arbitrating your personal situation.


Mediation is best when both parties can come to the table amicably and work through their differences, but are stuck on a few points. Mediation would be the go between to help both sides understand each other and come to an agreement.


Both parties agree to have the arbitrator make the final decision in the process. Similar to going to court where a judge would make the final decision, the arbitrator will do the same.

Parenting Coordination

There are times, when a couple will have a settlement agreement in place, but life happens and parents have a hard time getting along as situations arise. A parenting coordinator will help bridge the gap and help both parties come to a quick resolution.

How does mediation work?

Book a free 20 minute consultation

At the consultation, we will discuss how our mediation style is for you to decide if it is right for you.

We will also discuss our fee structure as well as our intake process.

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We are honoured that you have chosen our team to help you onto your next step for your family.

Please fill out all the intake forms that we have provided prior to your intake interview.

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Your first appointments will be separate from each other as we get to know both sides and help see where the gap needs to be bridged.

It may take a few appointments to establish both parties requests and needs.

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Born from our passion to help people and resolve conflict, Yehuda and Rachel opened YouR Family Mediators to help couple resolve their issues and parent together.

We understand that divorce is a difficult process that many couples go through. However the children often get caught up in the conflict and that can affect them for many years to come going into their adult life. We are here to help mitigate these types of issues that often arise, and help you get to an amicable agreement that works for both of you.

Take the first step today towards a better future.